Goerli Deprecation and New Ethereum Sepolia, Layer 2 Sepolia Support with Axelar

Goerli Deprecation and New Ethereum Sepolia, Layer 2 Sepolia Support with Axelar

We want to inform you that all Goerli-type chains on the Axelar testnet have been deactivated following the Ethereum Foundation's Goerli deprecation announcement earlier this year. This move makes way for additional support on Ethereum Sepolia and all Layer 2 (L2) Sepolia Testnets, including Abitrum Sepolia, Base Sepolia, Blast Sepolia, Optimism Sepolia, and Mantle Sepolia.

In this update, we're sharing two important changes: the discontinuation of the Goerli Testnet, and the introduction of new L2 Sepolia support.

The Sunset of Goerli

The Goerli Testnet has been essential for developers within the Ethereum community, offering a reliable platform to test smart contracts and decentralized applications (dApps) without incurring the costs on the mainnet. However, as the Ethereum ecosystem advances and more efficient, scalable solutions are introduced, we must bid farewell to Goerli.

Sunsetting Goerli signifies the end of one chapter and the start of a more advanced and scalable era for Ethereum development. This move aims to optimize developer resources, concentrating on testnets that match the Ethereum Foundation's long-term goals for scalability and security.

Welcoming New Horizons: Ethereum Sepolia and L2 Sepolia Support

As we phase out Goerli testnets at Axelar, we are excited to announce the introduction of new support for the Ethereum Sepolia testnet and various Layer 2 solutions.

Sepolia testnet: The Sepolia testnet is on its way to becoming the new standard for Ethereum testing, providing a more controlled and stable environment for developers. Its compatibility with the latest Ethereum upgrades positions it as the perfect platform for testing the most advanced features of the Ethereum network.

L2 Sepolia testnet: Layer 2 scaling solutions are crucial for addressing Ethereum's limitations in transaction speed and high gas fees. The Sepolia testnet supports different Layer 2 technologies such as optimistic rollups, zk-rollups, and state channels. This makes it an important platform for the real-world testing and implementation of these solutions.

Moving Forward

The deprecation of Goerli and the shift towards Sepolia and L2 support represent a significant milestone in Ethereum's development. These changes underscore our commitment to providing the most advanced and efficient tools for our community.

We understand that transitions can pose challenges, but we are here to support you every step of the way. Our team is dedicated to ensuring a smooth transition for developers and users alike, providing resources, documentation, and support throughout the process.

Stay tuned for more updates, and thank you for being a part of this journey with us.